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Our office was created to provide a relaxing patient experience while offering you education and information on the latest developments in eye care. The photos below showcase the Reception, Optical and Examination areas of the office.

GDX-cropped Optos-cropped
Laser scanning instruments to evaluate for glaucoma and retinal diseases like macular degeneration.
Digital scanning laser instrument  to detect ocular and systemic abnormalities such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol even without dilation of the eyes.
VisualFieldTest-cropped RetinalCamera-cropped
Visual Field Testing
Visual field testing to detect glaucoma and neurological diseases.
Retinal camera
Retinal cameras to detect and permanently document the appearance of the inside of the eye.  This will allow for the detection of subtle change in the future.
visio-cropped auto_refract_cropped
The new Visioffice system is a dedicated computer, camera, sensor system which automatically , with maximum accuracy, makes all of the sophisticated measurements necessary to custom design the eyeglass prescription.  It utilizes your frame, fitted on your face taking into account how you hold your head and how your eyes move behind your spectacle lenses.
Humphreys Automatic Refractor
The Humphreys Automatic Refractor is a truly automatic instrument that provides a fast, accurate OBJECTIVE measurement of the refractive error in seconds.  The Automatic Refractor automatically aligns and tracts the eye so that patients of all ages or those who cannot communicate verbally can be examined.
Daniel L. Sanders, O.D., F.A.A.O • Gerald J. Garrels, O.D. • Rahul L. Keswani, O.D.
11780-B San Pablo Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530 • 510-234-1730